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The first choice for Grammy-winning mixing engineers, music producers, musicians and sound designers, Waves is the world-leading maker of audio plugins.


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CLA-3A Compressor / Limiter, X-Noise, Reel ADT, DeBreath, L1 Ultramaximizer, Renaissance Reverb, Greg Wells VoiceCentric, Scheps 73, VU Meter, L3 Multimaximizer, C4 Multiband Compressor, Renaissance DeEsser, Bass Fingers, API 550, Torque, Center, CLA Bass, Grand Rhapsody Piano, SSL G-Equalizer, CLA MixDown, MaxxBass, dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter, Butch Vig Vocals, PRS SuperModels, CLA Guitars, Bass Rider, Kaleidoscopes, CLA Effects, InPhase, Submarine, Manny Marroquin Triple D, Manny Marroquin Reverb, CLA Drums, L3-16 Multimaximizer, Z-Noise, PAZ Analyzer, LoAir, OneKnob Filter, Primary Source Expander, Q10 Equalizer, JJP Vocals, C1 Compressor, EMI TG12345 Channel Strip, Linear Phase EQ, Linear Phase Multiband Compressor, Renaissance Equalizer, Bass Slapper, OneKnob PumperDorrough, Stereo, REDD, RS56 Passive EQ, H-Comp Hybrid Compressor, Flow Motion FM Synth, H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer, Codex Wavetable Synth, Renaissance Axx, Trans-X, X-Click, Playlist Rider, Morphoder, Electric 200 Piano, MondoMod, Renaissance Channel, Maserati VX1, Electric 88 Piano, MetaFlanger, UltraPitch, Cobalt Saphira, GEQ Graphic Equalizer, Kramer PIE Compressor, MaxxVolume, Doppler, Manny Marroquin Delay, Maserati GRP, Kramer HLS Channel, X-Crackle, Berzerk Distortion, W43 Noise Reduction Plugin, MetaFilter, Manny Marroquin Distortion, Manny Marroquin EQ, CLA Unplugged, JJP Strings & Keys, JJP Bass, JJP Drums, Manny Marroquin Tone Shaper, Waves Tune LT, Electric Grand 80 Piano, Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel


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