1. What will you get?

= You will get an uplay account from which u can download and play FARCRY PRIMAL.


2. Are account credentials changeable?

= Unfortunately, that is not possible. You get 3-months warranty in case u have trouble logging in, you will get a replacement account.



The listed games are available in the form of digital accounts. You will get the account credentials using which you can login and play the game. These are not keys which can be activated with any other account.


There will be a limited warranty on the accounts provided from me. During the warranty period if you lose access to the account, then we will provide a new account as replacement. The warranty period is limited to 3 months Please allow us upto 24 hours to arrange for a replacement account. If we can’t arrange a replacement then we will refund the money on a prorated basis depending on the time elapsed since the purchase date.
There will be no refunds or replacements if the account is banned due to cheating or any such reason.



Please note that for certain games, the progress is usually tied with the account. Hence if you lose access to the account, I will provide a new account which may not retain the game progress.

Buyers are requested to not try to change the account details such as email, password etc. Since you need to have access to the email tied with the account to change such data, which is not available. Hence it may result in the account getting locked and become unusable.

It will be buyer’s responsibility to make sure he/she understands how origin/uplay/EpicGames/Rockstar clients work and know the system requirements to run the game. There will be no refunds in case pc could not run the game due to game bugs, system errors and backend problems.


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